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11SB7513 Copper Bronze

11SB212-C True cut crystal

11SB3852-A Gold

11SB3874-A Blue

11SB3884-A Green

11SB3893-A Pink

11SB3896-A Purple

11SB3825-A Chartreuse

11SB112 - white

11SB 446 Ruby Red

11 SB 588 Green Iris

11 SB 614 Pearl off white

See colour chart below
Coloured and Clear

Crystal Beads

NOTES - for beaded skirt makers

Beaded skirt patterns are designed by Chessington to fit dolls on display in this website and may not fit similar sized dolls.
2.     Most beaded skirt patterns are made with Czech clear crystal beads which are available to customers currently at A$ 7.00 per hank.  We also have a limited selection of coloured crystal beads as shown in this section at the same price.
3.     To see the serial numbers of the beads for identification, place your cursor on the lower part of each sample and the numbers will be seen.

4    See the seperate sub-section for photos, sizes and current prices for turned timber stands and base plates

DMC Size 12 Cottons available

DMC perle crochet cottons size 12 are available to match the beads below plus a range of other colours, all at $5.00 per ball.

Latest comments

05.05 | 01:29


I would like to buy this mold:

10 cm all bisque body with 4 heads - 2 boy, 2 girls

Could you send me a picture of what the dolls or the mold looks like?

26.10 | 05:20

I was wondering whether you sold the Rainbow True cut crystal bead size 11. If not how do I go about purchasing 7 hanks of true cut crystal 11SB212-C

17.09 | 05:13

Hello Jenifer, If you wish a special order the time frame is about 6 weeks from receiving the order. We sell on etsy - google - Chessington dolls on Etsy.

17.09 | 04:43

How long does an order take to be fulfilled before posting?